Tuchel: Tottenham is “easy” in Kane’s absence

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel said today, Wednesday, that Tottenham is less dangerous without striker Harry Kane, but Chelsea will prepare itself for all possibilities if the English international participates in the London summit on Thursday.

Kane, who scored 12 goals and 11 assists in the English Premier League this season, will miss due to an injury he suffered in last week’s defeat by Liverpool.

“It is always easier in the absence of Harry Kane. He is one of the best strikers in the world, and when he is in his condition, he becomes the most dangerous striker any coach could wish for in terms of effort and technical abilities. His scoring record is impressive. We expect him to be absent, but we will prepare ourselves for all possibilities,” Tuchel told reporters.

Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho announced that England striker Kane will be ready for Everton’s FA Cup match next Wednesday after he quickly recovered from an ankle injury he sustained last week.

“We were afraid when the injury happened, but we are now more optimistic. It is not overly optimistic to say that he may play next week. The player is happy with his improvement and we are too. He may return to Everton or Manchester City,” he said.

Tottenham will visit Everton next Wednesday in the fifth round of the Federation Cup, and they will face Manchester City three days later.