Tucker Carlson bursts out in “pedophilia epidemic” on CNN

Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson has targeted CNN, claiming his rival network had been hit by what he described as an “outbreak of pedophilia” after two o’clock of its producers were involved in recent high-profile child sexual abuse scandals.

During a fiery segment on Monday, entitled “CNN Pedo Outbreak” Carlson noticed it was there “Something very strange is happening on” to the network. He joked that was there “more accused pedophiles on CNN over Americans who died of the so-called Omicron variant “.

The first scandal involved veteran producer John Griffin, who was arrested earlier this month and charged with three counts of attempting to lure underage victims to his house and dedicate themselves to illicit sexual activity.

Department of Justice statement revealed how Griffin used instant messaging apps to convince the parents of underage girls to “[allowing] him to train their daughters to be sexually submissive ”.

The CNN producer was accused of shocking sexual crimes against minors

Describe the allegations as “horrible”, Carlson said Griffin – who was suspended by CNN in waiting for an investigation – had bragged “Work shoulder to shoulder” with the network fell in disgrace former guest Chris Cuomo, who has also state hit by allegations of sexual misconduct.

Then he turned to the second scandal, which emerged only a few days later after Project Veritas “exposed another thrill” on CNN “Fantasize about molesting a child” and presumably looking for “Explicit photographs” of the minor. While noting that the details were “graphic,” Carlson stopped short of appointing the manufacturer.

Last week, Project Veritas released a video of a former prostitute who claimed that the CNN producer, later identified as Rick Saleeby, who works with network guest Jake Tapper – had asked for nude photos of her and her 15-year-old daughter, It’s open up on his fantasies involving the 14-year-old daughter of his girlfriend.

Noting that CNN did not respond to Fox’s calls to confirm if Saleeby were an employee, Carlson said it sounded “like news” that the network “It would be covering” but it is not. He then pointed to CNN host Brian Stelter’s coverage from “Embarrassing headlines” to Fox News, before bursting out laughing.

“Looking for Doctor Freud. we indicate out many of examples of transference – is when you take the sins you have committed and accuse others of they. Nothing better than this example. All time,” Carlson said, repeating his previous categorization of Stelter as a “eunuch.”

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