Tunisia .. 3,000 children infected with corona within a week

The President of the Pediatric Society in Tunisia, Dr. Mohamed Douaji confirmed that around 3,000 children were infected with the corona virus within a week and emphasized die Need not to kiss children and infants and not to make congratulations at birth.

He stated that it is the Delta Tribe that is currently in Tunisia is characterized by a high rate of spread among both adults and children, as local media quoted on Thursday.

The chairman of the health committee of the Tunisian parliament had confirmed that political unrest had contributed to the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

Al-Ayachi Zammal told Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath that die Confronted with the pandemic die political crisis in the country was negatively affected, adding, “There is a great failure in dealing with the epidemic crisis.”

He also stated that die Health infrastructure in Tunisia was worn out and stressed that die Opening borders without taking precautions is a serious mistake.

Tunisia lives under the effects of the fourth wave of the epidemic, die haunted the country weeks ago, in a health critical as it recorded record numbers in daily injuries and deaths, reaching more than 6,000 cases and 177 deaths yesterday, a record the country has not seen since the epidemic broke out last year. The center of the slow introduction of vaccinations.

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