Tunisia .. Human rights organizations are suing Al-Mashichi and calling for demonstrations

Human rights organizations and national organizations, including die General Union of Tunisia, resigned die prosecute Acting Interior Minister and Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi on the background of the death of a young man and the attack on another die Attacks on a number of protesters.

The head of the Tunisian journalists syndicate, Mehdi Jelassi, said in a press conference on Tuesday that human rights organizations and associations have decided to file a lawsuit against Al-Mashichi as he is the first person responsible for die recent violations is.

He also believed that die The demonstration was put down on Saturday in Habib Bourguiba Street die persistent restrictions on freedoms die Government confirms as he put it.

Next Friday, associations and organizations will organize a national march “against impunity” and “die “Demand the prosecution of attackers against unarmed citizens by agents of the Ministry of the Interior”.

For his part, the deputy general secretary of the Tunisian General Union, Samir Chefi, criticized the situation in same press conference die “recent security breaches and abuse”. He also warned of the consequences of “the return of tyranny and the policy of the big stick to meet the demands of the Tunisian people,” as he put it.

Tunisia .. Human rights organizations are suing Al-Mashichi and calling for demonstrations

Hisham Al-Mashishi

international concern

Yesterday pressed the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Tunisia expressed its deep concern over die and demanded persistent allegations against police personnel of having committed “gross human rights abuses” against demonstrators die Authorities to initiate investigations, die would put an end to impunity.

In a statement, the OHCHR office reiterated its “grave concern die ongoing allegations of serious human rights violations by internal security forces “.

In the first half of 2021, the UNHCR office received factual data “relating to several serious incidents involving members of the Homeland Security Forces”.

Sidi Hassan district in Tunisia

Sidi Hassan district in Tunisia

Collisions and gas

Demonstrations between demonstrators and Tunisian security forces broke out on Saturday in Habib-Bourguiba-Strasse, where security forces used tear gas die Protestors disperse.

The protests came after the death of a young man who was allegedly subjected to violence by security forces and an attack on someone other than when social media broadcast a video clip showing the attack in the area of ​​Sidi Hussein Al-Sigumi documented

The young man appeared lying on the floor and was beaten and run over with his legs after he was completely stripped of his clothes and then dragged and dragged naked to the police car in front of passers-by, die raised her voice to stop beating him.

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