Tunisia leaves Nabil Karoui. free after hunger strike

The Tunisian judiciary has decided to release the head of the Heart of Tunisia party and former presidential candidate Nabil Karoui six months after his arrest for financial corruption and tax evasion.

Karoui, owner of local TV station Nessma, protested his release 10 days ago in went on hunger strike, was arrested for the second time on December 24th last year for money laundering and tax evasion.

In addition, Karoui’s attorney Nazih Al-Suwai’i stated that die Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation decided to veto without submitting a veto die To appeal for the release of Karoui, as reported by Nessma TV.

The prosecution’s decision came after Karoui’s attorneys asked for a statement against him die Indictment, die die Based on the decision of the investigating judge of the judicial finance department, die an extension of Karoui’s detention period for an initial period of four months with retroactive effect die Extension decision will be calculated from May 5th last year.

Tunisia leaves Nabil Karoui.  free after hunger strike

Nabil Karoui (Reuters)

The Politburo of the Heart of Tunisia party expressed today in issued a statement of “grave concern and grave concern about deteriorating health” from Karoui.

Karoui insisted on his innocence

Notably, Karoui was arrested and out of prison in August 2019 during the presidential campaign die defeated most candidates in the first ballot and days before the runoff, in who he had lost was released to the current President Qais Saeed, however die Investigations into suspected financial corruption persecuting him continue.

Al-Qarawi and his supporters said he was innocent of the charges brought against him and that his political opponents were behind his arrest to get rid of him as part of the settlement process.

On December 24th the examining magistrate had in Tunisia was issued a detention card against Karoui pending investigation against the background of a corruption and money laundering procedure for which Karoui had previously been detained as a precaution.

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