Tunisia loses with a fatal goal against Gambia

Limbe (Cameroon): Tunisia closed the first round of the Africa Cup “Cameroon 2021” with a surprising defeat against Gambia, with a goal in change, Thursday, in Group F. The two teams played a mid-level game and the “Carthage Eagles” dominated most of their periods and controlled the ball by 70%. The Tunisian side had the opportunity to score after the referee awarded a penalty in the 45th minute, but Seif El-Din Jaziri was unable to translate it into the goal of progress. Despite the Tunisian superiority, the Gambia team managed to snatch all match point with a surprise goal from Able Gallo in the lost time. Within the same group, Mali defeated Mauritania with two clear goals and confirmed themselves in lead the standings with 7 points, followed by Gambia second for goal difference. Tunisia finished third with 3 points and finally Mauritania finished fourth without any points. The teams from Mali, Gambia and Tunisia had qualified at the final price before playing the matches of the last round of the group stage. (Anatolia)