Tunisia: polling stations open for the referendum on the new constitution

The polling stations have opened their doors in Tunisia to receive voters to cast their vote in the referendum on the new draft constitution, while the Electoral Commission announced the availability of seats to receive voters.

Thousands of polling stations in Tunisia have completed preparations to receive voters, as the electoral committees distributed the ballot boxes and the necessary materials to the polling stations.

And this process is happening, in amid tight security monitoring, where thousands of security men and the military will secure the voting and counting centers in all over the country.

Yesterday the country entered in a period of election silence, in which is forbidden to carry out any type of electoral campaign.

According to what was announced by the head of the Independent High Election Authority, Farouk Bouaskar, the participation rates in the 2022 referendum on its second day in the six electoral districts outside Tunisia, until six in the evening on Sunday, Tunisia time, did not over 6.5% of the official voters.

Bouaskar stressed that the constitutional referendum process will begin at 6 am local time and that the announcement of the voting results will be conducted in total transparency.

In the same context, Tunisian expatriates continued to vote outside the country on the new draft constitution.

The Independent High Authority for Elections announced that there were no major problems and difficulties in the community at the time of the vote.

He added that the overseas voting process will continue today, Monday, in 46 countries and in more than 600 centers, and that the centers will be closed at ten in the evening, the time of each country.