Tunisia .. Remittances from workers abroad increased by 33% to 2.3 billion dollars

The Tunisian central bank said Wednesday that remittances from Tunisians working abroad increased by 33% from January to November of quest’year.

With this percentage increase, the value of remittances reached 6.8 billion dinars ($ 2.35 billion) over the same period in the last year.

Data from the bank showed that remittances amounted to 5.1 billion dinars over the same period in 2020.

On the other hand, Tunisia is expected to need external financing of up to $ 6.7 billion for the 2021 budget, to cope with the increase in the price of oil, and as a consequence of the decline in foreign exchange reserves in the Center Bank of Tunisia at $ 7.7 billion, the value of the Tunisian dinar fell by 43%, which led to higher prices for basic necessities.

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