Tunisian Dissident Arrested by Ghazi Chaouachi

In the midst of an arrest campaign that included politicians, activists and influential figures, Tunisian police arrested Friday in late evening, prominent dissident Ghazi Chaouachi. This comes amid a massive arrest campaign this month that has targeted more than 12 people, including opposition politicians, activists, protest organizers, the director of Mosaique Radio , as well as a man, eminent acts and two judges.

And the non-governmental organization Amnesty International agreed in earlier that the campaign of arrests was “a deliberate attempt to stifle the opposition, in particular criticism of the president”, and urged the Tunisian president to “stop this campaign, which has political considerations”.

Ghazi Chaouachi was born on February 5, 1963 in the city of Bardo. He is a Tunisian lawyer and politician. He was elected a deputy to the Assembly of People’s Representatives during the 2014 legislative elections. He was a co-founder and a member of the Political Bureau and Secretary General of Corrente Democratica from March 2016 to April 2019, and in 2020 he became Minister of State Property and the Territory.