Tunisian journalist: the crossing of the Carthage Eagles in the second round begins with the overcoming of the Danish obstacle

Tunisia – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Tunisian journalist and sports analyst Wael Fattoush said that the Carthage Eagles must win their first match with the Danish national team if they want to qualify for the second round at the World Cup in Qatari. Fattoush, who resides in Qatar, told Al-Quds Al-Arabi: “The first meeting with the Danish national team will be the key to progressing to the second round, because the victory over Christian Eriksen’s teammates will make this task relatively easier for the Tunisian national team at the his sixth participation in the World Cup”. And he added: “The Tunisian national team is in a difficult and strong group that includes the French, Danish and Australian national teams. Things aren’t easy, but the ambition remains legitimate, and the hope of progressing to the second round is possible, above all because the national team feels they are playing on their home turf, given the presence in an Arab country and in front of a large audience». From Tunisia”. Commenting on the squad set up by manager Jalal Al-Qadri, Fattoush said: “There has been something of a surprise at the absence of player Saad Al-Baqir from the Carthage Eagles squad, and there is also an objection on some names in the defense line, but the current squad is optimal to compete in World Cup competitions, and the dependence mainly remains”. On the tactical plan that Al-Qadri will prepare before each match, in based on the nature of the team in competition. Fattoush instead praised the “historic welcome” enjoyed by the Tunisian national team upon its arrival in the Qatari capital, Doha, noting that “the Tunisian community abroad has always been the first supporter of the Carthage Eagles, and accompanied them in all Arab and international tournaments, the latest being the Arab Cup in Qatar.” last year”. He added: “The atmosphere is wonderful during the World Cup and I believe that Qatar will make it difficult for the countries that will host the World Cup in future due to the exceptional results achieved in this field. The stadiums combine originality, art and the future, as does the illustrious infrastructure: well-equipped buses for transporting teams and fans, as well as floating hotels and more. He added: “We rely heavily on Arab teams to present a distinct level that befits the reputation of Arab football, especially as the World Cup is being held on Arab soil for the first time.” Tunisian journalist and sports analyst Wael Fattoush and coach Jalal Al-Qadri revealed a list of 26 players called up for the 2022 World Cup on Monday in Qatar, led by the two forwards, Wahbi Al-Khazri and Youssef Al-Masakni.