Tunisian Prime Minister: the state managed to pay its debts, despite the difficult situation

Tunisian Prime Minister Najla Boden said the state has managed to pay off its external and internal debts and provide an acceptable currency reserve, despite the unprecedented economic situation in the country.

During his inauguration of the Tunisian renaissance procession of the International Labor Day, Bouden acknowledged the difficulty of the phase the country is going through, which he said “has never faced similar difficulties in its recent history, due to the weak economic activity from over a decade, a low growth rate of minus 8.7% and a decline in private investment The decline in public investment, the spread of the rentier economy, corruption and unfair competition.

Boden also stressed that the frequent cuts to Tunisia’s sovereign rating have “prevented the mobilization of external funds to the extent required, underlining that the suffocating state of public finances has contributed to the decline in economic growth”.

Despite this situation, Boden confirmed that Tunisia has managed to pay off its debts, pay wages on time and guarantee the necessary and basic food needs, with minimal social benefits despite the many difficulties, underlining that “the state has no intention of neglecting institutions of a strategic nature. ” However, he indicated that these institutions are in need of reform and restructuring.

Tunisia is going through a very difficult economic situation, aggravated by the collapse in the value of the dinar, which dropped to new levels record against the dollar, trading at 3.101 against the dollar, in addition to high inflation and the worsening of the trade deficit.

According to the latest official data, the annual inflation rate in Tunisia rose to 7.5% last April, compared to 7.2% in March, while Tunisia’s trade deficit worsened in the first quarter of questyear at 4.3 billion dinars ($ 1.4 billion), compared to about 3 billion dinars in the same period last year.

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