Tunisia’s energy deficit will reach 4.1 million tons of oil equivalent in 2021

The Tunisian Ministry of Energy said today, Thursday, that Tunisian oil and natural gas production increased by 33% in 2021 to reach 4.7 million tons of oil equivalent compared to 2020.

The ministry added that the energy deficit has reached 4.1 million tons of oil equivalent.

Several large oil companies have announced their intention to leave Tunisia, led by Shell and Eni, due to the growing social strikes in the country.

In May 2021, Shell announced its intention to exit the oil and gas concessions in Tunisia; It plans to sell the concession of the Maskar gas field and the Hasdrubal oil and gas field to the Tunisian government when the license expires in June 2022.

The Italian company Eni has decided to stop its hydrocarbon activities and focus on clean energy, in amid the frequent social unrest near the country’s oil plants.

Eni intends to renounce the licenses of 9 oil concessions it has operated in collaboration with the government in southern Tunisia and in the Hammamet region overlooking the Mediterranean, underlining the continuation of investments in renewable energy.

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