Turkey .. A decision of the “Constitutional Supreme Court” angers the largest party opposed to Erdogan

Turkish political circles opposing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan highlighted parliamentary legislation that was followed by a controversial amnesty that released more than 90,000 criminal prisoners last year, with the Supreme Constitutional Court, Turkey’s highest judicial authority, which refused to modify or abolish the list of beneficiaries of For the second time, following a new appeal to the court by the main opposition party, after a previous rejection.

The opposition Republican People’s Party, led by Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, has repeatedly asked for the provisions of the law to be changed, which was followed by a general amnesty, from which opponents and critics of the Turkish government were excluded from academics, journalists, parliamentarians and party leaders behind bars, in so that those who have been excluded by the authorities for the first time benefit from it. , which means their release in followed, but the Constitutional Supreme Court rejected this proposal for the second consecutive time.

Gursel Tekin, deputy in the Turkish parliament for the main opposition party, expressed his “regret” over the decision of the Constitutional Supreme Court, adding: “We are sad today when we see how the AKP’s authority in government is superior to the Court. constitutional. yes. “

Turkey .. A decision of the “Constitutional Supreme Court” angers the largest party opposed to Erdogan

Turkish Parliament

He told Al-Arabiya.net: “The Constitutional Court has once again rejected the petition presented by our party with a majority of 9 members on the basis that our proposal is not legal legislation, but rather a regulation to change the mechanism of implementation of judgments. in a law previously enacted, according to which it issued a general amnesty that freed tens of thousands of prisons ”.

He continued: “We have repeatedly said and offered the ruling party to regulate these matters in proper way, in so that another law is enacted that we participate in drafting to address the main problem, which is the injustice inflicted by previous legislation “, referring to the exclusion of opponents from the amnesty required by the ruling party and its ally, the Party of the Nationalist Movement, under the pretext of the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country’s prisons.

The well-known Turkish deputy also stressed that “the ruling coalition has rejected these proposals in a way that goes against democracy “.

The court’s refusal to change the list of amnesty beneficiaries coincided with Turkish Press Day, which falls on July 24 each year, in one moment in of which 274 journalists are on trial in 128 cases, while another 38 are behind bars, according to Aydin Suleiman Bulbul, a deputy of the “Arab League Party”. The Republican People ”, and is also a member of the Justice Committee of the same party.

Turkey is ranked 154 out of 180 countries in the 2020 press freedom index published by the French international organization “Reporters Without Borders” which deals with the freedom of media.

At the end of June, the Turkish parliament rejected a proposal presented by the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party in which was asked for the release of esteemed detained patients in over 1,600 prisoners, including 604 inmates suffering from chronic diseases and are in critical condition condition.

In mid-April last year, Ankara released more than 90,000 criminal offenders and drug trafficking and smuggling, along with numerous mafia leaders such as Alaeddin Çakçi, hours after the controversial pardon was issued despite its opposition from the match. People’s Party “and the pro-Kurdish party.

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