Turkey: An ISIS leader linked to Al-Baghdadi is captured

Turkish security forces in Istanbul arrested a foreigner believed to have ties to former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Turkish “Anadolu Agency” quoted security sources as saying that members of the Turkish secret service carried out an operation today, Sunday, to discover and arrest suspects, die with the organization in Connected and in fought the areas of clashes.

She explained that the Turkish secret service in was able to monitor a foreign person, die 2014 in the areas of clashes, offered military training within the IS, leadership tasks in the organization took over and in the decisions of the organization cooperated with the so-called high-ranking princes.

The investigation showed that die foreign person played a role in the crossing of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in safe areas in Syria played before an American strike in 2019 in the Idlib region was killed.

The sources indicated that die Person continues with members of the organization in communicated the areas of clashes.

She pointed out that he was arrested last Wednesday during an operation in the Atasehir area on the Asian side of Istanbul, which die Continue the investigation with him in the Istanbul Police Department confirmed.

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