Turkey arrests a Uighur leader while a Chinese official is visiting

In a preventive step for the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister in Ankara has die Turkey arrested a Muslim Uighur leader and placed him under house arrest.

The detention during the Chinese Foreign Minister’s visit in Turkey in this week has in raised concerns in Turkey’s large Uighur refugee community about deepening relations between Ankara and Beijing.

Uighur leader Sit Tumturk, President of the National Assembly of East Turkestan, was heard during Wang Lei’s visit in arrested at home in Turkey. In conversation with the VOA (Voice of America) said Tomturk, die Health authorities quarantined him without a Covid-19 test after he called for protests against the Chinese minister’s visit.

He added, “This time they have die Corona tracking method used to prevent me from protesting. How can you stop me from demonstrating in front of the Chinese embassy the next time someone else comes? “He added,” I have serious concerns about my safety, health and freedom. “

Uyghurs protested in Ankara and Istanbul during Wang Lee’s three-day visit that ended on Friday.

Many Uyghurs have taken refuge in Turkey wanted, but there die Turkey’s relations with its traditional Western allies are increasingly strained, Ankara is working against China’s ongoing campaign against die Uyghurs are working to deepen their economic and financial ties with Beijing.

During Wang’s visit, have die commits both countries to work together to develop a strategic partnership.

Beijing urges Ankara to ratify a new extradition treaty since it did die Seeks return of Uighur dissidents.

The human rights lawyer Ibrahim Ergin, the die Uighurs in representing Turkey said he was concerned. He continued, “If this surrender agreement is approved in parliament, we can assume that it will result in the deaths of some or all of the Uighur leaders.”

The Turkish parliament has the extradition treaty due to the size of the Turkish-speaking Islamist group and its strong influence in Turkey, the die reflects deep political divisions in the country, not yet ratified.

Ankara invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to a state visit. Tried at the same time die Turkey however, die to improve strained relations with the United States.

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