Turkey .. Arrests and attacks during the stand on May 1st

Various Turkish trade unions and the Turkish Medical Syndicate organized a meeting on the occasion of Labor Day on May 1st.in on the famous Taksim Square in central Istanbul and in several districts on Saturday.

She took Turkish police The historic square, famous for its makeshift fence, as well as riot police and checkpoints were located in near the square.

The police also arrested several groups of young men, die tried to join the booth. Videos were posted on the syndicate pages die Show attacks and arrests by police forces at various assembly points, including Osman Bey, Tirla Bashi and Majidiyeh Koy.

Demand for prisoners to be released

The head of the Union of Retired Government Employees, Aysun Jazan, demanded in her speech die Immediate release of the arrested young men. She said: “There have been heavy attacks At the police station Our friends, die only with signs in of the hand in wanted to come to this area. We condemn these attacks and demand die Release of the detainees. “

Jizan raised two signs, “Where is $ 128 billion?” And “Istanbul is ours”, declaring: “The epidemic has nothing to do with law enforcement violence against workers, die wanted to be heard, and with the struggle for work and freedom: “We will continue our struggle without taking a step back.”

Shigdem Aslan, a member of the Central Council of the Union of Turkish Doctors, confirmed the daily deaths of many healthcare workers due to Corona.

Aslan noted that die Not only epidemic die Class inequality deepens, but also leads to gender inequality: “We stand up side by side for the right to a healthy and safe life. Everyone should get a vaccination (vaccine) and income support. The labor struggle has shifted from employment to vaccine. “

Hundreds arrested

The Istanbul Province confirmed for its part die Arrest of about 212 people, die tried to reach Taksim Square in the city center. The state statement stated that die Unions at certain times die Had received permission to lay the wreath and make a press release, if die anti-epidemic measures were observed.

Published on the other side die Contemporary Jurists Association issued a statement in which made it clear that 230 young people had been arrested. The members of the association were in the Galatasaray area in near taksim where die Police arrested many university students, subjected to heavy police interventions.

Turkish media reported on die Dozens of demonstrators were arrested on Saturday in all over Turkey during the May Day celebrations when die opposition newspaper Birgun reported that die Authorities 41 people in Ankara and 20 in Arrested Izmir.

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