Turkey chases criticism of the collapse of the lira .. through the media

Turkish police have opened an investigation into 271 accounts of social media, accusing them of sharing “manipulative content” on The historical collapse of the liraHe announced it on Thursday in a press release.

Police accused those reports criticizing the currency crash of “inciting public hatred and hostility by manipulating exchange rate fluctuations”, sharing “misinformation” and “fraud” and “inviting people to go down. in way to commit acts of physical violence “.

Protests in different cities

Interestingly, demonstrations were held on Tuesday and Wednesday in several Turkish cities To protest against the historical collapse of the lirademanding the resignation of the government.

Citizens also criticized the ruling Justice and Development Party for its failing economic policies, chanting “the resignation of the Justice and Development Party”.

At the lowest level

The currency fell towards a low on Tuesday record, fueled by concerns over the economy after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan defended recent sharp interest rate cuts despite widespread criticism and calls for a withdrawal. The lira has lost questyear 43% of its value and more than 22% since the beginning of last week alone.

Although Erdogan defended the central bank’s monetary policy and vowed to win the “economic war of independence,” there is widespread criticism from those calling for action to reverse the currency’s decline, including leading economists.

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