Turkey … life for 22 ex-soldiers, die participated in the coup attempt

22 former Turkish soldiers were sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday after being charged with key roles in had been convicted Attempted coup failed According to a lawyer for the Turkish presidency and the AFP, massive purges followed in 2016 in the ranks of the armed forces.

You are part of a group of 497 soldiers, one of whom die most in served in the Presidential Guard and in court in Ankara to be brought to justice.

The suspects were also convicted of several charges, most notably attempting to die Overthrow constitutional order.

Among them are officers and airmen

In November, 337 people, including officers and pilots, were sentenced to life imprisonment after the main trial was over Through an attempted coup These were carried out on July 15, 2016.

On the other hand, 60 people were sentenced to various prison terms, while 75 people were acquitted at the end of a trial, in about 500 defendants were brought to court.

251 dead

It is noteworthy that in the attempted coup, officially 251 people died and more than two thousand were injured.

Ankara accuses Fethullah Gulen of driving the coup, while Gulen, a former ally of the Turkish president and in Residing in the United States, denies any involvement in this matter.

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