Turkey .. New restrictions to silence the platforms of the media independent

The communications directorate of the Turkish presidency has called Reorganize the work of the media who receive funding from abroadThis angered the defenders of freedom of expression in Turkey, which ranks 154 out of 180 countries in the press freedom index for the last year 2020, published by the French international organization Reporters Without Borders.

An eminent professor from the Journalism Department of the Turkish University of Uskudar commented on the matter, stating that “this step will negatively affect the work of media independent Turks, who receive financial support from international parties “, in one moment in Fahrettin Altun, director of “communication” of the Turkish presidency, has pledged to pursue These media they are obliged to provide the authorities with detailed information on their work every six months.

The Turkish academician and the professor Suleiman Irfan told Al Arabiya.net that “Alton made controversial statements in which announced the country’s intention to regulate the work of media funded by foreign institutions, and therefore the government could do a lot to gag the media independent platforms if they use them The move is a sword against it, mainly because it does not accept criticism, and Alton has described these organizations of media like the fifth column.

Turkey .. New restrictions to silence the platforms of the media independent

Turkish professor Suleiman Irfan

He continued: “The Turkish government simply does not want to see any criticism leveled against it”, stressing that “about 90% of the media traditional traditional is already under the control of the government or the loyal owners, however, those media independent appear to be beyond the control of the government. The government is a threat to them, so we see this anger towards international finance. “

The professor also suggested that “the next step for the government, after the communications director of the Turkish presidency pledged to regulate the work of media funded from abroad, will consist in placing restrictions on them to limit the receipt of international funding, and I believe the government has sufficient powers to silence them, but this will only lead to a decline in press freedom in the country substantially in bad conditions”.

Altun, who is the director of the “Communications Department” of the Turkish presidency, pledged last Wednesday to launch a campaign against foreign funding for the organizations of media local, accusing a US-based institution of being behind some of them.

The communications director revealed “the need for Ankara” for Organization of organizations media operating on its territory With money from “foreign countries or institutions”.

“We will complete as soon as possible the necessary provisions to protect public order and to guarantee the right of our people to correct the news,” he added, according to the state agency Anadolu.

He also said: “In an environment in which some foreign leaders openly express their intentions and efforts to design Turkish politics, we cannot explain that no foreign country or institution provides different money to the business sector. media regardless of the interests involved. We should question our ability to protect our democracy. “

THE media independent in Turkey has a large following, especially since hundreds of them were shut down during the failed coup attempt against the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which took place in mid-July 2016.

Ankara refrains from funding organizations of media locals who criticize his government and finance only those who support the Justice and Development Party in power.

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