Turkey: One dead in an attack on pro-Kurdish party offices

The Turkish authorities announced that an armed man was attacking the office of a pro-Kurdish party on Thursday in who killed one person in western Turkey.

The agency “Associated Press” quoted die HDP in Turkey was an armed man in the building of the party headquarters in invaded the province of Izmir and fired bullets and tried to die Headquarters in To set fire.

The People’s Democratic Party (HDP), die biggest party, die Kurdish affairs in defending Turkey announced on Thursday that its employees were involved in an armed attack on one of its offices in Izmir in the west of the country was killed.

“An armed man has our office in Izmir attacked with a rifle, “shared die Party on twitter with. “Our colleague Denise Poyraz was killed in this attack,” he added.

In turn, the provincial governor’s office reported that one person had been killed and indicated that one of the suspects, a former health care worker, had been arrested.

The HDP faced a widespread crackdown on the government, die Party members accused of supporting a banned Kurdish militant group.

Thousands of pro-Kurdish activists were arrested along with former MPs and party leaders. Threw in a statement die HDP to the Turkish government and the country’s interior minister, die Targeting the party and inciting such attacks.

A recording published by the HDP on Twitter showed how die Mother of the Dead said: “You killed my daughter.” The party has called for demonstrations to oppose the attack in Protest Izmir and Istanbul.

The Turkish Constitutional Court had at the end of March die Examination of a motion to ban the “terrorist” activities of the HDP due to “procedural loopholes” postponed and die File on die Referred to the public prosecutor.

In June the court received a new indictment, die it in will examine the coming days.

The HDP is die third largest political party in the country, and a petition to ban it has been labeled a “political coup”.

The party, die is one of Erdogan’s main opponents and has been cracked down on since 2016 when its leader Selahattin Demirtas was imprisoned despite European protests.

Erdogan accuses the party of being a “political front” of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, die Calling Ankara and its Western allies a terrorist organization.

Has been leading since 1984 die Party in the southeast of the country launched a bloody uprising against the Turkish state. Criticism of the party intensified after a Turkish military operation to free 13 prisoners from the hands of the PKK in Iraq ended in their deaths in mid-February.

Turkey accused the PKK of die having executed thirteen men before die Army could free them.
The HDP rejects allegations of “terrorist activities” and stresses that it is being prosecuted because of its opposition to Erdogan.

The application, die Party has to ban in western countries concern about die Rule of law in Turkey awakened, die tries, die To calm tensions, die depend on their relations with the United States and Europe.

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