Turkey … prominent politician invites his prisoner to press for elections

Former HDP chief called, Selahattin Demirtaş, The Turkish opposition has urged to continue pushing for early elections, stressing that citizens cannot afford further economic crises.

In an article sent to T24 from his Edirne prison, Demirtaş said: “The economic crisis has arched the back of society, making people unable to breathe, millions of people are no longer sure if they will be in able to fill their stomachs tomorrow, people are trying to get through the day with anxiety and fear. “”.

Demirtas, in prison since 2016, he added: “The only way out of this crisis is through elections, and most people are anxiously awaiting the polling date, with the government running away from the polls and continuing to lose votes. , and who knows, maybe the AKP will have to face the problem of the electoral threshold in 2023 “.

The opposition politician stressed that the problem is not what will happen to the AKP, it has been clarified, the real question is whether Turkey will endure this crisis for another year and a half.

He stressed that “if the elections are not held immediately, there will be a destruction that is difficult to restore, for this reason it is the primary duty of the political and social opposition to make the request for elections visible”.
And he added: “Poverty, unemployment and high costs will remain the main agenda of the people, in fact the opposition demonstrates to act consciously of this. in every occasion “.

On 4 October 2016, Turkish authorities arrested Demirtaş, the former party co-chair, Fegen Yüksekdag, and 13 party deputies, on suspicion of collaboration with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
He was charged with several charges, including leading and promoting a “terrorist organization”.

Authorities say the HDP, the third party in parliament, is linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which the United States and European countries consider a terrorist organization, while the party denies having links with this party.

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