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Turkey sends security forces to help secure the 2022 World Cup in Qatar


Doha – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: Thousands of police and security personnel with their equipment and special sniffer dogs, Turkey is preparing to send in Qatar to contribute to the security of the 2022 World Cup. Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu has revealed that his country will send 3,250 members of the security forces in Qatar to contribute to the safety of the 2022 World Cup, adding that Ankara also trained Qataris on this task ahead of the World Cup. In a statement on the sidelines of an event in the coastal city of Antalya, Soylu said his country is going to support Qatar with a number of experienced police officers to contribute to the tournament and global event. It revealed that 3,000 security and other forces will be deployed at the event, as well as 100 special forces unit members, 50 bomb detection dogs with their trainers, 50 bomb disposal experts, and more. The speech of the Turkish official went so far as to underline the depth of his country’s relations with Qatar, cooperation and exchange of experiences in different sectors. In total, some 3,250 policemen will work temporarily in Qatar during the tournament hosted by Qatar from November to December 2022 for a period of 45 days, including the days leading up to the World Cup. Turkish Interior Minister: 3250 Turkish policemen will participate in World Cup insurance in Qatar With the experience of numerous countries who have experience in organizing numerous world championships. Recently, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, visited the Shield of the Nation Security Center in the Duhail camp complex and during the visit heard a briefing on the conference on service force training for the joint operational tasks of the World Cup – Qatar 2022. Numerous countries represented by Turkey and the United States participate. ‘America, the United Kingdom, France and Italy, as well as the leadership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani heard another briefing on the Invincible Security Guard 2021 exercise, which took place in collaboration between the Qatari armed forces and US forces, with the aim of bilaterally planning and improving the efficiency of administrative and military cadres in vital mission areas through the development of consensus between the two countries, coordination and planning, in order to respond to cross-border terrorist threats and to improve ways of addressing regional security threats. Preparations for the 2022 World Cup Qatar has organized a security drill, the largest and most extensive, as part of the preparations in Course to organize the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The security authorities organized the “Watan” exercise, in the period from 15 to 17 November, with the participation of the various military, organizational and service authorities concerned. Hosting the tournament, each according to their skills, as part of confirming the availability of security to host the most important event in the world. Exercise officials revealed in exclusive declarations to “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” that Qatar is ready to host the important football event that the world awaits and that through the exercise it has completed the latest “prove”of the preparation process, in particularly controlling the security situation, while being prepared for anything that might emerge from the occasion The World Cup and the Arab Cup are challenges that arise when organizing large sporting events and tournaments. Qatar will host the World Cup from 21 November to 18 December 2022, with the participation of 32 teams in competition for 8 stadiums from Qatar. In 2010, Qatar won the honor of hosting the World Cup, making it the first country in the Middle East to have the organization of the global football event.


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