Turkey stands ready to return its ambassador to Tel Aviv if Israel does the same

Turkey has informed Israel that it is ready to send an ambassador to Tel Aviv as soon as it can die Israeli government commits die At the same time, a high-ranking Turkish official told Israel Hayom to reciprocate the measure. On Monday the official added that the main point of dispute between the two former allies die The presence of high-ranking Hamas officials on Turkish soil remains.

Has had controversial relationships for years die Turkey recently changed its foreign policy towards the region in general, and Israel in particular, and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on December 25, 2020 that Ankara wanted to build better relations with Israel.

Erdogan’s comments on the matter came about three weeks after Admiral Jihad Yayji reached a mutual agreement die Proposed a maritime border with Israel.

The trend continued earlier this month when Dr. Hakan Yurdakol, board member of the Turkish Presidency’s Economic Policy Committee, took part in a conference of the European Jewish Parliament, die focused on a renewed agenda of former allies.

Israel isn’t the only country in the Middle East in to Ankara as part of Ankara’s efforts to normalize relations with Cairo die Wants to rehabilitate and normalize relations with Cairo. Ordered on March 20th die Turkish authorities die Egyptian television station based in Istanbul, die mostly associated with Istanbul die Muslim Brotherhood to die on die Egyptian government to alleviate criticism directed.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed his Likud party’s election rally in Yam asked on March 10 for Israel to have “talks with Turkey” on natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean and stated that Israel has had fruitful results in talks with Egypt, Greece and Cyprus die Question of gas exports to Europe.

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