Turkey to the European meeting in Athens: useless

In explanations, die undermining the ceasefire between the two parties die Turkey die Declaration of the European Union in Athens as worthless. Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic said in a statement today, Tuesday that die joint declaration, die to conclude the meeting of 7 EU member states in Athens published is worthless.

According to official media reports, he was also of the opinion that this annual meeting of foreign ministers of southern European countries is an assembly to die allegations made by him as Greece in Regarding the Eastern Mediterranean and die Defend Cyprus Crisis.

“Biased and impartial”

In addition, he considers it impossible that such party-political and non-neutral meetings for the creation of cooperation, peace and stability in contribute to the region, stressing that it is impossible to develop constructive cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean in isolation from Turkey.

It is noteworthy that in the past few months die European relations in general and in particular die Greek and Cypriot relations with Ankara marked tensions after the Turkish gas exploration work in contested areas in the Mediterranean.

Turkey to the European meeting in Athens: useless


In addition, is die Cyprus question and die Division of the island in two parts of a sharp dispute with the Turkish authorities for many years.

In addition, the flow of illegal immigrants from Turkey to Europe exacerbated the conflict with Ankara before those tensions eased relatively after die Turkish authorities tempered their language and tried to contact die To move closer to the European Union after threatening more than once to impose new sanctions.

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