Turkish actress and artist arrested after being convicted of insulting a soldier accused of rape

A Turkish artist and actress faces two years and four months in prison on the pretext of “insulting” a former soldier in the Turkish armed forces who is accused of raping an 18-year-old Kurdish woman, which previously led to Turkish extremists Well-known artist who defended the victim last year and also criticized Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who defended the raped soldier at the time.

The Turkish public prosecutor’s office called for two years and four months in prison for “insulting” Musa Orhan, a former soldier in the Turkish army die Actress Ezgi Mola after defending the Kurdish victim he raped. This sparked controversy in social media in from Turkey, in which critics said the accused was at large while die Defenders of the victim stand on trial. Thousands also supported on Twitter die Turkish actress under the hashtag: “Izghi Mola .. you are not alone.”

A source close to the Turkish actress revealed Al Arabiya.netthat “Mola is being punished for defending a young victim after posting a series of tweets on her official Twitter account.”

Turkish actress and artist arrested after being convicted of insulting a soldier accused of rape

Ezghi Mola

Mola wrote in one of her tweets: “Find the conscience that led you to release this wicked rapist,” referring to former soldier Orhan, who is behind bars after just six days in the southeastern province of Siirt was released by the authorities a court ruling The boycott was imposed on August 26th.

The Turkish actress is currently preparing an appeal die Decision of the prosecutor before and is so far free, however die Denial of appeal means she will be later arrested, according to the previous source.

Mola refrained from making press releases until about die Appeal decision of one of their defense lawyers was decided.

Mola has strongly defended Ipek Air, the Kurdish victim who committed suicide after being kidnapped and raped by the ex-soldier last year. She was also defended by the actor Barish Atay, who was attacked by strangers after criticizing the Home Secretary who was defending the soldier accused of sexual assault.

In addition to Mola, 16 other Turkish celebrities are accused of serving the former soldier die Defense of offending the young victim.

Among the defendants is die Actress Hazal Kaya, die tweeted: “Ezgi Mola described the evil rapist as an evil rapist. What’s wrong with it? Musa Orhan is also a murderer who caused the death of the young woman, die he’s raped, and he’s great at so far. “

Mulla has long been known for her support for gender issues. She has repeatedly taken part in women’s campaigns condemning violence against women, particularly after Turkey recently withdrew from the Council of Europe agreement known as the “Istanbul Treaty”, which provides for the protection of Turkish women from domestic violence.

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