Turkish attempts to besiege the Mafia leader … and die Disclose the identity of a deputy who has received a salary from him

The Turkish authorities have access to two of the 8 videos, die the well-known Turkish mafia leader Sedat Bekir has published on YouTube, banned and access to his official Twitter account 4 days after his last video, in whom he had announced an impending criticism of criticism, the Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan after he restricted in deliberately exposed his inner circle in the past, led by Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu along with other high-ranking officials.

Becker, who began posting clips in late April in response to a security campaign launched against his men by Ankara, had himself in his last video, in who he appeared, the eighth, determined to be the Turkish President in a new video clip next week, but later announced on Twitter: “It will be postponed until the middle of next month.

Turkish attempts to besiege the Mafia leader … and die Disclose the identity of a deputy who has received a salary from him

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Turkey is currently experiencing a great turmoil on the background of information die Becker surrendered to public opinion and in various local and international media alike has made it the talk of the day and “could dismiss senior officials in Government agencies run “. in the coming period, “he told Al Arabiya.net An informed source from the largest opposition party, the Republican People’s Party, led by Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

The largest opposition party launched a new campaign to die To reveal the identity of a member of the Turkish Parliament, who received a monthly salary from the Mafia leader in The current Turkish Interior Minister received an amount of US $ 10,000 while attending a television program in . revealed die he die Denied allegations made by Becker. Soylu said during the program, “Instead of asking for my resignation, we should know who the deputy is getting a monthly salary from the Mafia boss?”

Another source in Kılıçdaroğlu’s office revealed Al Arabiya.net die Identity of the MP who received a salary from Bekir.

According to the opposition source, the suspicion revolves around Metin Kolonek, the former member of the “Justice and Development Party”, but the opposition has not yet found any concrete evidence die Legitimacy of this allegation.

The Republican People’s Party has formally petitioned Speaker Mustafa Shantoub, asking him to die To learn the identity of the MP who Soylu claimed had received a monthly sum from the Mafia leader. The petition was signed by 134 MPs from the largest opposition party.

In turn, the spokesman announced that he had made two oral and one written questions to the Minister of the Interior to order die Find out the identity of the MP who was involved in raising exorbitant funds from Bekir, but Soylu has not responded to Shantop’s request as of now.

Against the background of information from the Mafia leader, who has been living outside Turkey for more than a year and a half, issued die Turkish authorities issued a warrant in absentia against him on May 28.

The Turkish Bar Association had die Demands that Soylu be dismissed from office and referred him to investigations of all officials against whom Bekir made various allegations such as abuse of power, human trafficking and drug smuggling, including former Interior Minister Mehmet Agar and his son, alongside Arkan Yildirim, son of the last Turkish prime minister, however die Authorities have not yet taken such a step.

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