Turkish court orders the detention of a Greek, in awaiting investigation, on charges of espionage

On Sunday, Turkish judicial authorities ordered the detention of a Greek citizen in awaiting investigation on suspicion of having carried out espionage activities, one day after his arrest in a coordinated security operation with Turkish intelligence services, police said.

Muhammad Ammar Embara was arrested in the Gaziantep region of southeastern Turkey, near the border with Syria. A statement from the Gaziantep Security Directorate reported by the official Anadolu news agency said Turkish intelligence arrested a “Greek citizen suspected of spying on Athens”. “It is believed that he was collecting information about the Turkish army at the border and passing it on to the Greek secret services,” the management statement continued.

And i media Turks reported over the weekend that Ampara pretended to be a businessman during his travels in Turkey. Meanwhile, the Greek foreign ministry announced that the Greek embassy in Ankara was informed a few weeks ago of the loss of Ampara. The embassy indicated that it had previously raised the matter with the Turkish authorities, but the latter have not provided any response.

Greece and Turkey are members of NATO, but several disputes strain relations between them. Greece and Turkey have entered in an escalation of war of words over Ankara’s accusation that Athens has deployed forces on islands near its maritime borders in number higher than that stipulated in the treaties of pace. Earlier this month, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would not hold bilateral meetings with Greek leaders as planned. in a 2010 agreement between the two parties. Turkey also accused Greece of refusing to hand over elements of the Turkish army that Ankara believes played a direct role in the 2016 coup attempt.