Turkish Defense Minister: We trust in an imminent improvement in relations with Egypt

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said today, Saturday he was confident that die Friendship and his country’s relationship with Egypt will soon return to higher levels, indicating that this terrifies some and frightens them.

According to the Anadolu Agency, this came about in a speech after breakfast with Turkish special forces on Friday in the capital Ankara.

Akar added, “We are seeing our relationship with Egypt developing and this pleases a friend and gives confidence and scares and terrifies some at the same time.”

He stated: “We have links of brotherhood, friendship and common values ​​with the Egyptian people and we cannot be separated from each other.”

Very high values

He continued, “It likes a break for several reasons in our relationships have given, but I am wholeheartedly confident that this will in will be overcome in a short time and that our brotherhood and our friendship with Egypt will again reach a very high level and we will in see the time to come. “

He pointed out that die Developing Relations between Ankara and Cairo for die Turkey, Libya and Egypt are very beneficial and necessary.

Last Thursday, after two days of deliberations, exploratory talks between the delegations of Egypt and Turkey were concluded. die in Cairo took place.

Turkish Vice President Fuad Aktay said: “Although die Relations with Egypt in recently exposed to tension lies die bilateral cooperation in the interests of the two countries. “

Mutual respect between the two sides

In a television interview he said: “We are open to die Developing our relations with all countries in the region and on the basis of mutual respect between both sides. “

He continued: “Our political relations with Egypt may be strained, but die Cooperation between the two countries is in their favor. Egypt respected the agreement concluded with Libya and resigned die Exploration outside the boundaries of the region declared under the agreement. “

He added, “Egypt is our neighbor in the Eastern Mediterranean and we have family ties and commercial partnerships with it.”

He stated, “This step showed die messages necessary to improve relationships … It cannot be said that die Relations with Egypt have been completely cut off as there were intelligence services and diplomatic contacts, and now the normalization process has begun at the level of deputy ministers. “

Two days of exploratory talks between Egypt and Turkey were held today in Cairo completed under the direction of Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister Hamdi Sanad Loza and Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Sadat Onal.

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