Turkish opposition: Erdogan brought die Foreign policy on die Axis of the Brotherhood

The leader of the Turkish opposition and chairman of the Republican People’s Party, Kemal Kilchdaroglu, criticized die Testimony from US President Joe Biden on the “Armenian massacre” as well die Foreign policy of the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and die Turkey’s foreign policy on the “Axis of the Muslim Brotherhood”.

Kilchdaroglu said in a speech on Wednesday: “In the course of time there has been no American president or no American government die Events defined as massacres. This is die The task of historians. It is incorrect for Biden to use the word genocide. This topic should die To be a task “by historians.”

Kilchdaroglu emphasized die Need for politicians not to use the pain of the past as political substance, adding, “It is true that die Events of 1915 caused serious shocks between us and the Armenians. But it is not die The task of politicians to do this. “Pain of the past is the object of politics today. The future must be built on peace and brotherhood. The events of 1915.” Painful and must be questioned, and historians should do so. ”

In a similar context, Kilchdaroglu criticized the “silence” of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the American statement and said: “Erdogan was silent for three days. Erdogan spoke, but there was a voice similar to the voice of cats. We stand in front of a person die die Can not defend the interests of the city “.

Kılıçdarolu also referred to die Turkey’s task, its principle of non-interference in die Giving up the affairs of other countries and saying, “We were in die internal affairs of the countries involved in Middle East policy. “

Kilchdaroglu accused President Erdoan’s deteriorating foreign policy, believing die Turkish foreign policy die Having brought the Axis of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Kilchdaroglu turned to Erdogan with the words: “You have die Brought Turkey to a foreign policy die based on the brotherhood … you make your foreign policy devoted to the brotherhood. “

He stated that die Change in foreign policy die Turkey in Have brought difficulties. “Was formerly die Turkey is part of today’s world, we would have become a member of the European Union and we would be a role model for die oppressed countries. Now will die Turkey described as a totalitarian country, “he said.

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