Turkish opposition party criticizes Supreme Court: don’t be precise

The chairman of the opposition and pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party in Turkey, Medhat Sancar, believed that the Supreme Constitutional Court die I did not investigate correctness when there was an indictment by the public prosecutor to close down his party because of connection with Kurdistan accepted Labor Party die in Turkey is banned and banned die political activity of hundreds of their cadres and leaders.

During his visit in He told the party’s law firm to follow up the case, “The Constitutional Court has die Indictment, die die HDP supposed to close for the second time, not carefully accepted. Most of the charges against her are “based on fictitious letters and allegations.”

He also called this indictment illegal and emphasized that it was a political indictment, “die how a garbage can was incompletely processed “.

For his part, the founder of the Turkish polling company Metropoll, Ozer Sinjar, said a large part of the Kurds would die ruling Party for Justice and Development leave when die pro-Kurdish HDP would be closed.

It is noteworthy that currently 25% of Kurds for die Ruling party vote, but if die HDP is closed, could die AKP lose at least 5% of the votes of their Kurdish voters.

Turkish opposition party criticizes Supreme Court: don’t be precise

A supporter of the HDP (Reuters)

stir up nationalist tendencies

If die Party is closed and die If authorities do not allow Kurdish politicians to form a new party, voters will either switch to the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) or not vote at all in the upcoming elections.

He added that die Measures against die HDP aimed to foment nationalist tendencies within the Republican People’s Party and the Good Party, and pointed out that 60% of the voters of the Good Party die Support closure of HDP.

On Monday, the Supreme Constitutional Court accepted an indictment from a senior prosecutor who die HDP because of its connections to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), die in Turkey was classified as a terrorist organization, wanted to ban it, paving the way for a case to be closed die third largest party in parliament.

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