Turkish Presidency: We respect die Decision of the Saudi court in the Khashoggi case

Today, Monday, a spokesman for the Turkish Presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, praised the trial carried out by Saudi Arabia that last year sentenced eight defendants to prison terms in the case of the Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi.

In addition, a spokesman for the Turkish Presidency said Saudi Arabia had litigated and made a decision on the Khashoggi case, and we respect that. According to Reuters.

More positive relationships

“We’re going to look for ways around die To restore ties to a more positive agenda with Saudi Arabia, “Kalin said, adding he hoped to end the Saudi boycott.

He continued, “Saudi Arabia has a court that has conducted legal proceedings … you made a decision and so we respect that decision.”

Resumption of relations with Egypt

In another context, Erdogan’s spokesman pointed out that die Conversations, die to be held next week between Turkey and Egypt, renewed cooperation between the two countries could lead to the war in End Libya.

He announced that there are contacts between the heads of the secret services and the foreign ministers of the two countries and that a Turkish diplomatic mission will visit Egypt in early May.

“Given the facts on the ground, I think it is in the interests of both countries and the region to die Normalize relations with Egypt, “he added.

It is noteworthy that Egypt welcomed Turkey’s rapprochement, but it still publicly takes a conservative approach to Turkish demands for improved relations between the two countries.

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