Turkish president defiant over acquiring Russian missile defense system, despite potential risk for U.S

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: in an exclusive interview with CBS News this week that are government intends to defy the US and carry on with the purchase of another russianmade anti-aircraft missile defense system, despite repeated warnings that it would protect security in endangers of the NATO alliance on risk.

Erdogan confirmed his plans to CBS News head of foreign affairs affairs correspondent Margaret Brennan after asking him about Russian government claims that Turkey purchase more S-400 systems.

“I explained everything to President Biden,” Erdogan said in an interview recorded tuesday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, claiming that America’s refusal to sell Turkey to the US-made patriots system as an alternative had led to his government until purchase the Russian system instead. The US has disputed this claim.

Both the Trump and Biden administrations have maintained that the Russian S-400 system is a danger if activated in the same country that flies F-35 jets. The United States government said the S-400 would collect detailed information information over the F-35s, potentially erasing their stealth advantages. Turkey had previously bought F-35 jets, giving the NATO member a role in their production. But in revenge for The S 400 . from Turkey purchase, the Trump administration has halted delivery of the F-35s, let Turkey of the program and sanctions imposed on Turkish defense civil servants.

Despite this, Erdogan has remained defiant.

“So it’s sounds like you still plan to buy another round of these S-400s, of these Russian missile systems?’ asked Brennan. “So the sanctions remain… on?”

“In the future, no one will be able to intervene in terms of what kind of defense systems we acquire, from which country, at which level. No one can intervene with Which. We are the only ones die make something like this decisionsErdogan responded.

“Which sounds like a yes.” said Brennan.

“Of course, of of course, yes.” Erdogan said. He later confirmed that he… plans Meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of the month. The two are expected to discuss some of problems, including Syria. During the interview, Erdogan said also told CBS News he’d rather have the US pull out out the remaining 900 troops in neighboring Syria. The Turkish troops have stayed in the northern part of the country since his military raid in fight US-allied Kurdish troops, after Trump tried to withdraw all US troops in the fall of 2019.

This is just one of many irritants in the relationship between the US and Turkey, die remains An key power in the Middle East and a NATO member. As a presidential candidate, Mr. Biden told The New York Times editorial: board in January 2020 that Erdogan was “an autocrat” and called his expansive powers and abuse of power. Erdogan seemed to be brushing off the criticism.

“Definition of Mr. President” of an autocrat remains unknown for me, not me know what he meant,” Erdogan told Brennan also said Mr Biden never expressed any concerns during their personal conversations over human rights violations to him. National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne did not answer CBS News’ request for comment.

According to the Commission for the protection of Journalists’ 2020 global ranking index, Turkey is the second worst jailer of journalists — second only to China – and worse than Iran and Saudi Arabia. Erdogan’s government also arrested and charged with about 36,000 people in Turkey die it accused of criticize him of be connected met figures he thinks they were responsible for the attempted coup to overthrow him in 2016.

Mr Biden last met with Erdogan in Brussels this past June. At the time there seemed to be an opportunity for a breakthrough in the difficult relationship. Erdogan told CBS News it was Biden who asked him to consider Turkish troops run the airport in Kabul in the wake of the withdrawal of the US. It was a key chance, and Erdogan said he was open to the idea on the condition of logistics and financial support.

“It’s inclusive financial and equipment support, the ammunition, the vehicles and the weapons there would have been transferred to… us. But such things have happened that the exact opposite has happened,” Erdogan said.

The withdrawal of the US and the chaotic way it was worn out left NATO troops are also scrambling. Turkey, that the second largest army in NATO, also drawn out of the country.

“The artillery, the ammunition, the weapons and the… vehicles at Karzai airport all were transferred over to the Taliban, and the Taliban is currently using already die weapons and all die vehicles, and we need to see all these facts for what they are,” he said.

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last month, both Qatar and Turkey offered technical support to their emergence government in to keep their airports operating. That resulted in Turkey with the chance be one power broker and bidding in essentially the Taliban with a lifeline for the rest of the world. Erdogan said there is no deal at the moment work with the Taliban.

In an interview that will air on Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” Erdogan explained out what he described as his requirements To do business with the Taliban.

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