Turkish President: Europe’s gas needs can be met through Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said today at a meeting of the parliamentary bloc of the Justice and Development Party that the European Union will be able to meet its gas needs through Turkey.

The Turkish President said: “Europe is suffering from a shortage of gas … and is looking for sources to meet its needs in the winter season. We don’t have gas shortages in Turkey and we don’t face this problem.”

Erdogan added: “Turkey will become an international gas distribution center and we recently spoke about this with Russian President Vladimir Putin and we said that Turkey can be a hub for gas coming from Russia and that we will provide gas to Europe through Turkey.”

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, speaking at a plenary session of the Russian Energy Week forum, that Russia can pump to European countries the volumes of gas that Europe lost due to the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipeline. through Turkey by creating a “gas center”. According to him, this proposal has economic feasibility and a high level of security.

Source: RT