Turned out by in-laws for not getting ‘enough’ dowry, J’hand woman launches woodcraft brand

Jamshedpur, May 8 (IANS) Unable to pay Rs one lakh as dowry after eight months of marriage, a young woman in Jharkhand was thrown out of her husband’s house. She overcame the pain of the failed marriage and set up her own destiny. Madhumita Sav, a budding entrepreneur, has a thriving wood work business under the brand ‘Peepal Tree’ that is supporting hundreds of women today.

This is the inspiring journey of Madhumita Sav, a resident of Jharkhand’s Ghatshila city.

She completed her graduation degree from the Ghatshila college and was married a few months later in 2012.

Her father, a teacher by profession, fulfilled his duty of getting his daughter married before retirement.

However, after a few days of her marriage, Madhumita’s husband and in-laws started troubling her demanding dowry everyday.

In the beginning, Madhumita’s parents tried to help but could not meet the never-ending demands. The harassment increased after her in-laws demanded Rs one lakh from her parents which they could not manage. Finally she was thrown out of the house.

Madhumita says, “I had dreamt of becoming a normal housewife while settling with my in-laws. Disappointment had taken over when I was forced to return to my parent’s house. My parents and brother supported me but I went into depression. My distant relatives and acquaintances used to taunt me. I was extremely dejected. The frustration was so much that I had forgotten that I was educated and could sustain myself again.”

It took her around three years to recover from depression.

One day Madhumita had gone to Jamshedpur and saw some people selling wooden key rings along the roadside. She became curious to know how these rings could be made from small wooden pieces.

Thereafter, she returned to Ghatshila and started learning woodwork from artisans in her village.

In 2015, Madhumita along with three local tribal women started a small business of making wooden key-rings. Later, he learned how to make other wooden showpieces.

Within a year, dozens of poor and needy women joined her woodwork business. Her

Brother Utpal Sahu, too, helped her in this

In 2016, she launched an organisation titled ‘Peepal Tree’ and set up a small outlet imparting training to a large number of women about woodwork and sold handmade products made by them.

The owner of a furniture shop allowed her to set up her shop and helped her in a big way.

Today ‘Peepal Tree’ of Jharkhand has become a well-known brand and the woodcraft products made by it are also sold outside the state as well.

‘Peepal Tree’ has nine outlets in Jharkhand. These outlets have been widely appreciated across Ranchi, Patratu Valley, Jamshedpur’s P&M Hi-Tech City Centre Mall, Burudih dam, Netarhat, among others locations.

The annual turnover of ‘Peepal Tree’ is nearly Rs 60 lakh. People not only from Jharkhabnd, but also from other states and abroad are buying the products online.

Madhumita says that at present nearly 230 women are employed with the business and earn between Rs 7,000 to 8,000 and Rs 15,000 per month.

‘Peepal Tree’ has set up production centres at Potka, Ghatshila and Matladih in east Singhbhum district. There are many women who work from home as well.

From August-September this year, new projects will be started by the organisation. A large number of people are likely to join these initiatives.

Madhumita says, “I am happy that by joining our business outlet, such women have become self-reliant or ‘Aatmanirbhar’, who were earlier dependent on their husbands or male family members for fulfilling their needs.”

She is busy reading books these days and will soon announce a major initiative regarding the education for the children belonging to the weaker sections of the society.

At present, Madhumita’s organisation imparts training in woodcraft to girl students of residential girl schools in three districts so that when they leave the school, they can are equipped with a skill and get a job.

Madhumita also supports an orphanage at Golmuri, Jamshedpur.