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Twitch sparks Twitter storm with awkward message – what went wrong?

Twitch Draws Criticism for Insensitive Tweet during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

A message next to the plate

Lately, Twitch has been making a lot of noise on social networks. Unfortunately for the streaming platform owned by Amazon, it’s for a tweet that falls off the mark despite, obviously, good intentions. To put things in context: this week, the Twitch Twitter account posted a message that theon can translate to “if you could experience a new adventure by reincarnating as one of your favorite characters, who would you choose?“. With this tweet was associated an image in which on find nine fictional charactersboth anime and video games and even some embodied by real actors.

To fully understand what is happening, note that the message ends with the hashtag #AAPI. The latter refers to Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month., Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in English. The purpose of this period is to highlight and celebrate Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders through their contributions to society and culture. The problem is that the image that accompanies the tweet is composed only of Asian characters, which many Internet users have found limiting.

A quickly deleted tweet

Among the many issues raised by this message, many netizens commented that it was strange to reduce a diverse group of people to a series of fictional characters and ask to choose their favorite from the lot. This is all the more the case that theon finds in the list of fictional characters, of course, but some of which are interpreted by real actors like Sandra Oh who plays Dr. Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy, or Simu Liu who plays Jung Kim in Kim’s Convenience.

Some Twitter users also reacted to the fact that theon finds Goku, the hero of Dragon Ball, in the list who is not even human since he is actually an alien in son own universe. Its presence in the list suggests that the people behind this post consider him to be Japanese, like Akira Toriyama, son Creator. Faced with strong reactions on social networks, Twitch hastened to delete the messagebut obviously, as nothing gets lost on the internet, the latter can always be easily found as you can see in this article.


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