“Twitter” beats Hafeez Draghi for a Moroccan follower

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: As usual recently, Algerian commentator Hafeez Darraji was in tests search engines in the world of “Social Media” in the last 24 hours, after having disseminated fabricated images, of a false conversation with a Moroccan follower through his account documented on the Twitter platform “. The Moroccan pages on social they competed in updating the images of the false conversation, with the aim of increasing the state of tension and tension with the Algerians, and this happened with slander against the famous commentator, to put him in the crosshairs of Moroccan public opinion, considering that insulted the girl and Morocco as a whole. Hafeez immediately guaranteed the right to respond and defend himself, denying it in a tweet through her account on the same platform, what is circulating about a fake conversation with obscene words, adding: “When I entered the account, I found her, she sent me insulting and abusive messages before she banished me and then completely closed the account, then an immoral answer would be invented, there is no power or strength except with God. ” Hours later, Draghi’s Twitter administration defeated the Moroccan following, shutting down the misleading account promoting the fabricated conversation, which pleased the famous commentator, and made him send a message of thanks to the managers of the platform. social global, and all those who supported him to outlive what he described as “sedition traders”. It is not the first time that Draghi has suffered such a stinging attack in Morocco, preceded by a systematic campaign, as a price for his defense of his country’s position with Iran, after the statements of the Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid, during which he expressed his concern about the rapprochement between Algeria and Iran, while the commentator’s response was one of denunciation, asking question marks on the name of Israel’s relationship with Morocco after the normalization agreement.