Twitter discovers that its algorithm favors conservative views

Twitter revealed that its algorithm promotes more content on the right than on the left. But the reasons for this are still unclear. The results come from one studio internal on the computational amplification of political content.

During the studio, the company searched millions of tweets posted between April 1 and August 15, 2020.

These were tweets from news agencies and elected officials in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. In all countries studied except Germany, the company found that right-wing accounts receive more computational amplification than political left.

I’ve also found that right-wing content from news agencies benefits from the same bias.

The company says it doesn’t know why the data indicates its algorithm favors right-leaning content, noting that it’s hard to answer the question because it’s the product of the interactions between people and the platform.

However, it may not be an algorithm-specific problem. Steve Rathjee, who studies i social media, published his findings explaining how divisive content is likely to spread among foreign political groups.

“In our studio we were also interested in the type of content amplified via i social media and we have seen a consistent trend, “Rathjee said post negatives about foreign political groups tend to receive much greater engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

In other words, if a Democrat is negative about a Republican (or vice versa), this type of content usually gets more engagement.

Twitter: Right-wing content gets more computational amplification

If Rathjee’s research is taken into account, it means that i post right-wingers on Twitter cause more indignation, amplifying them.

Perhaps the problem with Twitter’s algorithm has more to do with promoting toxic tweets than with specific political bias. The company’s research claimed that Germany was the only country that didn’t see the right-wing algorithm bias.

It could be linked to Germany’s deal with Facebook, Twitter and Google to remove hate speech within 24 hours. Some users even change their country in Germany via the platform to prevent the display of Nazi images.

The platform tried to change the way in which he tweets for a while. In 2020, it began testing a feature that would warn users when they were about to post a rude response. This year, I also started experimenting with a message that appears when you think you are in a battle between lit platforms.

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