Twitter expands its downvote test worldwide

San Francisco, Feb 4 (IANS) Micro-blogging site Twitter is expanding its experimental downvote test worldwide.

The company said that they have been testing how it can surface the most relevant replies within tweets with the use of downvoting on replies.

“As we are expanding the experiment to a global audience, we want to share a little about what we have learned thus far!” the company tweeted.

“We learned a lot about the types of replies you do not find relevant and we are expanding this test — more of you on the web and soon iOS and Android will have the option to use reply downvoting,” it added.

The company said that Downvotes are not public, but they will help inform the micro-blogging site of the content people wants to see.

Twitter earlier experimented with ideas like reactions that appeared to mimic the emoji reactions Facebook uses for its posts.

In November 2020, a Twitter executive had said that the company is exploring a dislike button or a downvote capability.



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