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Twitter is testing a new feature … long text with no restrictions


Twitter announced that it is testing a new service that allows users to write long texts, unlike the current practice, which only allows a certain number of characters. in a single tweet.

And Twitter confirmed in a tweet to one of its official accounts the news that talked about this service, according to what reported by The Verge, technical news site.

The new feature showed the presence of the word Write in the list on the left of the page, and after clicking on this word, a blank page appears, on which the user can write whatever he wants.

It can also add more mediaas images and change its shape, in based on the site.

Available for a selected group

According to Twitter, the new service is available to a select group of users in the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Ghana, and people in most countries can read these notes.

Interestingly, the platform stood out from the rest of its competitors in communication networks for short texts, images and videos.

By incorporating long-form writing into its platform, Twitter can acquire more value than these post.

Posting articles or notes directly to Twitter can also make the text indexable for marketing and research purposes.

It can also match the company’s emerging newsletter feature.

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