Twitter is testing a new visual editor that includes Fleets

Twitter is testing a new feature that essentially allows users to take advantage of all Fleet features in a new visual editing process for your regular tweets.

When it announced Fleets’ history retirement last month, the platform indicated it was taking the lessons learned from Fleets and applying them to new areas of development.

And thanks to application researcher Alessandro Palozzi, we got a first glimpse of what these new elements might be.

The new process allows you to add stickers, text, and more to your uploaded videos and photos, then attach them to your Tweets, potentially giving them more presence and creative style in your feed.

Paluzzi also notes that the new editor also allows you to load visual text in real time, with a colorful background. Therefore in practice you have more functionality to upload your tweets, with all Fleets tools integrated in this new editor.

The fleets did not see a huge turnout. But Jack Dorsey, the company’s chief executive, noted that it had sparked more activity from a larger group of users.

Twitter doesn’t want to shut down fleets for good

With full-screen visual platforms like TikTok changing user habits, the new visual editor can increase use cases by providing more options like this in tweets.

The tools have been developed and the platform has the framework Fleets. As the integration of these elements means that the time the platform has devoted to developing the fleets will not be wasted.

Even if no one uses them, they are add-ons. Therefore in some sense seems like a logical enough addition.

The platform could also look to add more to the visual editor, getting the Chroma Stories app last year.

And the platform doesn’t seem to want to integrate the full functionality of Chroma Stories in Fleet. Then, by providing another visual tool, he can continue to create new options to optimize tweets and facilitate greater engagement.

There is no official information on the project yet. But it makes sense as an experiment with existing Fleet tools.

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