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Twitter postpones changes to the blue check mark to this date!

After Twitter started offering users who sign in to a $ 8 monthly subscription the option of a blue tick, it looks like this step will be delayed.

The New York Times reported Sunday that Twitter will delay charging users a $ 8 monthly fee for a blue tick until after Tuesday’s mid-term US election.

Twitter has not yet responded to a request for comment.

$ 8 per month

On Saturday, Twitter updated its app on Apple’s App Store to start charging $ 8 a month for blue ticks.

Tuesday’s midterm elections will decide who gets the majority in Congress between Republicans and Democrats led by the president
Joe Biden.

In turn, American billionaire Elon Musk began firing hundreds of Twitter employees on Friday and four days before the midterm elections, including members of the team who worked in the US elections and edited the content on the platform of social network.


Tweets flooded the platform on Friday, and several employees used hashtags to share news while other employees said they were abandoned.

Many of those who had previously been laid off have worked in departments senior including public policy, trust, security, communications, engineering, marketing and human resources.

Mid of team for Twitter’s public policies, including members of the team who controls the politicians, has been excluded.

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44 billion dollars

Interestingly, Musk acquired Twitter last Thursday, for $ 44 billion, after many months of back and forth.

Since completing the takeover deal, Musk has moved quickly to put his brand on the company, firing his former boss, Paraj Agrawal, and other senior company officials last week.

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