Twitter’s Success and Future Plans Revealed by CEO Linda Yaccarino in Company-Wide Memo

Twitter, Now X: CEO Linda Yaccarino Touts Success and Future Plans in Memo

In a company-wide memo obtained by CNBC, newly appointed CEO Linda Yaccarino shares the success of Twitter, now known as X, and hints at future plans for the rebranded platform. While specific metrics were not disclosed, Yaccarino claims that the service’s usage is at an “all-time high.”

Transforming from a Social Network to an “Everything App”

The service formerly known as Twitter has been striving to become more than just a social network. Owner Elon Musk has referred to it as an “everything app,” aiming to create an app that allows creators to monetize their content and expand into payments services and banking. Musk even mentioned the possibility of money market accounts on Twitter to attract users to X.

New Experiences and Product Concepts

Yaccarino’s memo indicates that X will continue to introduce new experiences in audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking. The goal is to create a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. Twitter, now X, has already implemented Musk’s ideas around videos and creator monetization, such as allowing subscribers to upload two-hour-long videos and sharing ad revenue with verified creators.

Challenges and Criticism

Despite the positive outlook, X has encountered challenges. Third-party measurements suggest a decline in web traffic since the release of rival platform Instagram Threads. Additionally, some analysts predict that X might shut down or be acquired within the next 12 months. Critics also question the success of the rebrand. However, Yaccarino remains optimistic and encourages the team to surpass previous achievements.

Company-Wide Memo

The full memo, shared on CNBC, highlights the importance of the moment for X and its opportunity to make a lasting impression. It emphasizes the company’s inventor mindset, commitment to free expression, and dedication to creating a marketplace that benefits all participants. Yaccarino and Elon Musk will be actively involved across all teams and partners to bring X to the world.

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– “Twitter, Now X: CEO Linda Yaccarino Touts Success and Future Plans in Memo”
– “Transforming from a Social Network to an ‘Everything App'”
– “New Experiences and Product Concepts”
– “Challenges and Criticism”
– “Company-Wide Memo”

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