Two candidates withdrew from the elections in Iran – reformist and hardliner

About 48 hours before polling stations opened, two out of seven candidates announced their withdrawal from the Iranian presidential election, one a reformist and the other a conservative hardliner.

Today, Wednesday, reformist Mohsen Mehr Alizadeh withdrew his candidacy without any further information, which, according to local media, suggests that he will make a statement at a later date.

According to Agence France-Presse, it is still unclear whether Mehr Alizadeh’s withdrawal will be in favor of the other reform candidate Abdel Nasser Hemmati.

Hemmati had previously stated that he would invite Mohammad Javad Zarif to take part in the next government as minister or foreign minister, should he die Win the presidency.

Zakani steps down in favor of Raisi. back

At the same time, the withdrawal of hardliner Ali Reza Zakani, who knocked out the race in favor of Justice Chief Ibrahim Raisi, was the most likely candidate for victory in this year.

Zakani said he believed Raisi was qualified, suggesting that he would vote for him, in hoping for fundamental reforms in the country with his choice of how die official TV website “Irib News” quoted.

That was die Number of candidates for die Presidential elections, die in their first meeting will be held on June 18, reduced to five. The election campaign officially ends on Wednesday, Thursday, local time, at midnight.

Two candidates withdrew from the elections in Iran – reformist and hardliner

Alireza Zakani (Reuters)

The list of candidates qualified by the Guardian Council consisted of seven: two reformists (Mehr Alizadeh Hemmati, the former governor of the central bank) and five hard-line conservatives, especially Raisi.

Limited number of votes vote

Opinion polls, die in The last period released, Mehr gave Alizadeh and Zakani a limited percentage of the vote.

Also die latest figures from the Iranian Student Survey Center (ESPA) showed that the percentage of those die said they would vote More Alizadeh, below 1%, while Zakani’s highest turnout was 3%.

The second debate on cultural, social and political issues (Reuters)

The second debate on cultural, social and political issues (Reuters)

Mehr Alizadeh, 64, served as Vice President of the Republic during reformist Mohammad Khatami’s second term (2001-2005) and retired from public affairs after assuming the post of governor of Isfahan (Central) in 2017-2018. He ran in the 2005 presidential election, where he received less than five percent of the vote.

Zakani is 55 years old and had a seat in Parliament for between 2004 and 2016 die City of Qom. After he die Having won the meeting last year, he returned as a representative from Tehran in the Shura Council back.

severe economic crisis

The presidential elections are set against the backdrop of a serious economic and social crisis due to the sanctions, die die United States reimposed it from 2018 after former President Donald Trump decided to unilaterally withdraw from the Tehran nuclear program agreement, in addition to the failed government policy.

The few opinion polls die in of the last period expected a participation rate of around 40%, noting that die last poll, die Iran saw in the parliamentary elections in 2020 die Abstention rate was 57%.

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