Two children were killed in the explosion of a Houthi mine in Al-Khoukha, south of Hodeidah

Two children were killed following the explosion of a mine left by the Houthi militia last night, Friday, in southern Hodeidah governorate, western Yemen.A local source told Al-Masdar Online that the two children, Yasser Ahmed Dhalafi , 17, and Khaled Abdo Halabi, 15, were killed by a mine explosion as they were passing on a dirt road yesterday, Friday, in the village of Al-Wara, east of the Al-Khokha district.

The incident comes two days after the killing of two demining experts working in the Saudi demining program (Masam), inarea “Mahal al-Rabea” of the district of Hays.

Interestingly, southern Hodeidah districts are among the most planted areas with Houthi mines and explosive devices, and the work of team the number of engineers to disarm them is limited, which doubles the number of civilian casualties.