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Two convoys cross the border .. Al via the “voluntary return” of Syrian refugees from Lebanon

Today, Wednesday, two convoys left for the voluntary return of displaced Syrians in Lebanon from the city of Arsal in the Bekaa and Nabatiyeh regions in the south, towards the Syrian border.

THE media locals reported that a convoy of about 100 Syrian families headed to Syrian territory, under the supervision of the Minister of Social Affairs, Hector Hajjar, and officers of the Lebanese public security, the Lebanese army and the intelligence directorate for Arsal.

In the south, and from the headquarters of the Nabatiyeh General Security Department, a trip was launched that included Syrian refugees who wished to return voluntarily in Syria, under the supervision of the Department of National Security – the South Information Division, where a patrol of the aforementioned division escorted the bus that transported the displaced to the public security center on the border of al-Masnaa, according to reports also by the media locals.

In his speech, Hajjar stressed that “the process is proceeding smoothly”, inviting the displaced to “register with General Security to voluntarily return to their villages and homes”. He added: “There is another convoy next week and we are continuing the process of returning all the displaced.”

Minister for displaced persons in the Lebanese interim government, Issam Sharaf El-Din, announced that three convoys of refugees will head in Syria today, Wednesday. And i media locals cited Sharaf El-Din for stating that the number of displaced people returning in Syria will reach six thousand people, indicating that they will be divided in two lots.

“Returning them is a national duty”

Hajjar stressed that there is no pressure on Syrian refugees to return to their country. He added to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath that “the return of the Syrian displaced is personal and voluntary and Lebanon has not forced anyone to return. in Syria “, noting that the Director of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, is following forward with the Syrian side the return of the displaced.

In turn, Lebanese director general of public security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, said yesterday that the return of Syrian displaced people to their country is a “national duty”, and explained that the number of Syrian refugees currently in Lebanon is two million and 80,000.

Major General Ibrahim said in a press conference: “There is a people who are almost losing their history, culture and land, and we will not participate in this massacre, and bringing Syrians back to their land is a national duty for us and a duty.”

“We will not be under pressure”

He explained that some 540,000 Syrians have voluntarily returned to their country since the start of the plan in 2017, noting that “42% of the total number of prisoners in Lebanon are Syrians “.

He believed that “the displacement dossier has negative repercussions at all levels, so it must be addressed, and Lebanon rejects the way in which many people face him, led by humanitarian organizations and others who claim humanity, trying to dictate his will to us. “

He added: “We will not put pressure on ourselves, because the interest of the Lebanese people is first and foremost and we will not force any displaced people to return, and this is our principle, and we try to reduce the burden on Lebanon.”

Interestingly, Lebanon is calling for the safe and voluntary return of Syrian displaced people to their country.

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