Two Dangerous ISIS Members Arrested in Kirkuk Governorate: Iraqi Ministry of Defense

Arrest of Dangerous ISIS Members in Kirkuk Governorate

Yesterday, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense made an important announcement regarding the arrest of two individuals who are associated with the notorious “ISIS” organization in Kirkuk Governorate. These individuals were described as dangerous and posed significant threats to the security and stability of the region. The operation was carried out by the General Directorate of Intelligence and Security.

Planned Operations in Kirkuk Governorate

The arrested individuals had forged documents and were allegedly planning to enter Kirkuk Governorate, with the intention of reaching Diyala Governorate. Their main objective was to carry out malicious operations within the boundaries of Kirkuk. However, before they could execute their plans, they fell into a well-prepared ambush that was set up in Kirkuk, resulting in their arrest.

Connection to “Cubs of the Caliphate”

According to the official statement released by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, one of the arrested individuals belongs to the so-called “cubs of the caliphate.” This particular group is known for its association with terrorist organizations, including ISIS. The arrested individual had pledged allegiance to these extremist gangs in 2014. What makes this arrest even more significant is the fact that the detainee is believed to have prominent leadership siblings who are actively involved with ISIS.

Arrest in Laylan District

The arrest of the second individual took place in the Laylan district of Kirkuk Governorate. It was a result of careful and meticulous field follow-up operations conducted by the Iraqi security forces. Such diligent efforts and continuous surveillance were essential for ensuring the successful arrest of this dangerous individual.

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