Two eggs and an avocado, Ronaldo’s first meal with colleagues from Manchester

Cristiano Ronaldo led Manchester United to sweep via Newcastle 4-1 last Saturday, but the Don’s brilliance in the match and brace weren’t the only additions he made to his colleagues in his first week with them.

And Lee Grant, United’s third goalkeeper, revealed in an interview on the British radio “TalkSport”, the secret of the “Don” while maintaining fitness and agility, and confirmed that Ronaldo’s nutritional commitment immediately transferred to the rest of his new colleagues in Manchester, who became imitating the star Portuguese in his committed behaviors.

“When we finished eating last Friday, there were a lot of desserts on the menu, like apple pie, custard, ice cream and other things,” Grant said.

He added: “One of the players asked me what Cristiano does, and his plate was unimaginably clean and hygienic … He had several plates in front of him and one of them had avocado and two hard boiled eggs. It’s normal for him. To be. in this incredible physical condition. “

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