Two Israelis were injured in a shock operation near the city of Jericho

Today, Sunday, 4 Israelis were injured in a crushing operation near the city of Jericho, east of the occupied West Bank.

In a statement, the Israeli police said: “A short time ago, a person arrived in the Nabi Musa area (near the city of Jericho), and hit an Israeli, and from there he went on his way and invested. another Israeli. “

In their statement, the police indicated that their forces on the site had “neutralized” the attacker. Often when the police use the term “neutralize”, they refer to the shooting of the offender, but the health of the port is still unknown.

Police said one of the injuries was moderate, the other minor.

For its part, the official channel “Kan” and the private channel (12) reported that at least 4 people were injured in the crushing operation.

Kan said the 49-year-old attacker from the crushing operation was a resident of the city of Al-Eizariya, near the site. in which the operation was performed.

This is the second operation carried out by Palestinians in less than 24 hours, in one Israeli was killed and others were injured, in a fire attack inside the settlement of “Kiryat Arba” near the city of Hebron, in the southern West Bank.

According to data from the Israeli human rights movement Peace Now, about 666,000 Israeli settlers are distributed in 145 large settlements and 140 random outposts (not authorized by the Israeli government) in West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

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