Two neat polling tools that I recently recommended

I get a lot of questions from readers. I try to answer them all. I turn those that I think have a broad appeal to blog posts or include them in my podcast. Earlier this week I received a question from a reader who was looking for suggestions for polling tools that her students can use on mobile devices. I could have recommended Google Forms that works on mobile devices, but I suspected that she was looking for something else. So I suggested trying Acquainted and

Knowledge is different from your typical multiple choice polling tools. Acquainted is a polling-polling tool. What that means is that people who are part of your survey can get an immediate response from you based on their survey choices. Your answers are written in Meet and programmed to appear to respondents when making answer choices. View my demo below and read on how I think it can be a great tool for self-study assessment activities.

[Embed] [/ embed] is a polling tool that I presented early November as the practical Ed Tech Tip of the week. Slido offers a Google Presentations add-on that works in combination with a Chrome extension with the same name. In combination with these tools, you can add survey and multiple choice questions to your existing Google Presentations. Students answer the questions of the survey by entering a Slido code on their phone or laptop. Watch my video below to see how Slido works.

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