Two opposition businessmen pursue Erdogan’s government from France

Two Turkish brothers took their legal battle to France after fleeing Turkey years ago after fighting against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s financial empire in their country.

Well-known Turkish businessman Cem Ozan, who fled to France in 2009, denies all allegations against him, prompting him in 2013 in Absence was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment with € 390 million in compensation to Ankara, and his brother Hakan joined him in that trial in 2014 about a year later.

Quit a few days ago die Lawyers of the two brothers admit that they die French justice will be called to sue Ankara and force them to give both businessmen financial compensation in Amount of about 60 million euros or a little less to pay what die Lawyers told the French international media.

A source on Ozan’s legal team revealed “Al”that” the aim of the lawsuit entrusted to several lawyers is to morally and materially compensate Cem and his brother Hakan, “in particular that the Turkish Fund (TMSF) was as much as die All of her businesses were seized in 2003 after being accused by the Turkish judiciary of large-scale fraud by a local bank.

Two opposition businessmen pursue Erdogan’s government from France

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

For his part, a prominent Turkish economist posed die Source of the wealth of Cem and Hakan Ozan in Question and implied that they have assets within Turkey that die Authorities could also seize.

Khairy Kozanoglu, a famous financial expert, told Al “We cannot know whether the dispute between the two men and Ankara was due to political reasons or financial corruption, but both of them supported it die ruling party led by Erdogan until recently. “

He added, “Cem can send messages to its supporters to be ready for a new phase as it has withdrawn from supporting the Justice and Development Party since its popularity began to decline.”

Cem and his brother, die Coming from the most influential Turkish families in the financial sector, trying to get through their financial loss die compensate for any compensation they seek, according to a source in your legal team, die also pointed out that “this case may take more than a year.” And maybe two years to decide. “

The first brother who in Led a huge conglomerate with his father in the 1990s that spanned multiple sectors such as telecommunications, banking, media, energy and sports, will file another lawsuit in the Paris court against the Turkish Fund and more than 50 active Turkish financial institutions after the Fund all of its businesses in had confiscated his land.

Jim Ozan said in the power of attorney text published by Agence France-Presse that “the Turkish Savings Insurance Fund has committed brutal and widespread embezzlement, die die significantly exceeds the powers granted to him by law, “adding that” those die those acquired “assets are guilty of fraudulent collusion.” these are die Parties, die seized its companies after they were seized by the Turkish Fund.

The two Turkish entrepreneurs, die against Erdogan estimate the value of the damage inflicted on them at 57.3 billion euros. They claim to have been the victims of political persecution because of their opposition to the country’s president.

Ankara tried them in France to pursue and target in to invest in this country, but it failed.

Seized in recent years die Turkish authorities took the property of a number of business people for alleged financial corruption and fraud, however die most of them denied this and considered them victims of political repression, so die two Ozan brothers.

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